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Exemplum regulam praecedit – show them, don’t just tell them!

Our pedagogical philosophy is that people learn language best when they see real-life uses in context, not merely abstractions. That is why instances of Latin instruction are drawn from actual authors and texts, not manufactured exempla (with the exception of Fabule Faciles).

This site is the work of David C. Noe, Associate Prof. of Classics at Calvin College. Click here for his c.v.

What about the music? Where does all that fabulous, bluesy intro and outro music come from on the Moss Method promos, etc.? These are thanks to theĀ  gracious generosity of musician extraordinaire and all around champ Ken Tamplin. Check out his Vocal Academy, where you can learn to “sing better than anyone else”.

Below are works by Dr. Noe or to which he has contributed.

A Treatise on True Theology
Practically Human Charles M. Moss' A Clear and Simple Treatise Tres Mures Caeci