Archilochus of Paros, Appian of Alexandria, Basil of CaesareaClement of Alexandria, Clement of RomeHomerJohn Chrysostom, Lysias, Marcus AureliusPlato, Quintus Smyrnaeus, SeptuagintXenophon

The Gospel According to Matthew: Chapter 5.1-2

I Corinthians

A Greek Boy at Home, Rouse (1909)

A First Greek Reader, Charles Melville Moss (1893)

Greek-English Word-List, Containing about 1000 Most Common Greek Words, Robert Baird (1893) – You may request to join the Quizlet group which will test you on the Baird words by clicking this link.

Here are the words from Baird consistently pronounced, organized by the page number listed in the text:

page 6, page 7, page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11, page 12

Salamis in Easy Attic Greek, G.M. Edwards (1913)