A First Greek Reader, Charles Melville Moss, Audio Files

1.  A troublesome Boy.

2. He has a nurse.

3. Philip hits two Thieves with one Decision.

4. Penny wise, Pound foolish.

5. Honorable Scars.

6. A Pedant learns about a Ladder.

7. He makes another Blunder.

8. A very bad Memory.

9. Qualifications of a Ruler.

10. Wants a practical Education.

11. The Deceitfulness of Riches.

12. Draco’s Laws.

13. Last Acts of Darius.

14. Decoration Day.

15. Experiment with a Crow.

16. Leonidas to the cowardly Soldier.

17. Build Ships.

18. Napoleon and the Priest.

19. A ‘smart’ Girl.

20. A noble Reply.

21. An Irish Bull.

22. When Sects do Disagree.

23. Medical Science in Babylon.

24. A Difference of Opinion.

25. Procrustes’ Bed.

26. A clear Conscience!

27. The Parthians.

28. Cyrus pays the Penalty of Rashness.

29. Boast not Thyself.

30. Alexander’s Victory and Offering.

31. I. Disobedience and fine Clothes

32. II. bring him into a sorry Plight.

33. Penalty of questioning a general’s Reputation.

34. Dress according to your Station.

35. The Thieves and the Cock.

36. A Saying of Pyrrho.

37. Alcibiades trips Pericles in a Definition of Law.

38. Greek Legend of the Deluge.

39. I. Socrates to his Judges: ‘Better Death than Infamy’.

40. II. Death not an eternal Sleep.

41. III. God cares for a good Man.

42. IV. He nobly meets his End.

43. Custom of the Trausi.

44. News from Leuctra. Athens puzzled.

45. I. Cyrus proposes to rule;

46. II. and gives good reason therefor.

47. I. A Pig defines his social Position.

48. II. The Farmer and his Wife decide otherwise.

49. He makes the worse appear the better Reason.

50. Apelles and the foolish Painter.

51. The Fowler and the Partridge.

52. What! make a Puritan laugh in Company?

53. I. Drink steals away men’s Brains.

54. II. A practical Joke replaces them for once.

55. I. I brand him as a Horse-thief.

56. II. The Rascal proves an Alibi!

57. The Frogs ask Zeus for a King.

58. Cock-fighting at Athens.

59. Good Advice rejected.

60. Epicydes liberates himself.

61. One Physician less to kill us.

62. War has three Handmaids.

63. The tame Snake.

64. The perverse Pigs.

65. How to cure stage Fright.

66. Please defer your Counsel.

67. Anacharsis visits Solon.

68. Rough Wooing at Rome.

69. Filial Affection rewarded.

70. I. A profitable Radish for the Gardener.

71. II. But the Herdsman’s Calf proves a dead Loss.

72. I. I train my Horse to be obedient;

73. II. in fact, rather too obedient.

74. Once too often.

75. I. A curious Disease,

76. II. which proves to be Laziness.

77. I. Meleager’s Life saved by a Firebrand;

78. II. which finally causes his Death.

79. Saved from Suicide by sudden Wealth.

80. The Ape and the Fisherman.

81. Wonderful Boys, these!

82. I. Ponus entertains a God.

83. II. By Hermes’ gift he befools Death.

84. III. who has to make him immortal.

85. I. A hungry Bear meets a crafty Fox.

86. II. by whose Advice he loses his Tail.

87. I. Fond of the fine Arts;

88. II. for which he saves another man’s Life.

89. Dorias, the Patriot.

90. I. Solon and Thales speak of Families.

91. II. An unkind Argument, if true.

92. I. Hermes, in disguise, visits Dives’ House,

93. II. and then stops at that of a poor Man,

94. III. who selects two of three Blessings offered,

95. IV. while Hermes adds the third.

96. V. Dives repents and sends after Hermes;

97. VI. whose Gifts are foolishly wasted.

98. I. Diotimus sends a Hare to his Friend.

99. II.In the servant’s Journey it becomes a Cat;

100. III.  which is presented to Callicles.

101. IV. Arrived at home, it is a Hare.

102. V. He won’t try again.

103. The law Courts of Athens.

104. The Story of Tell – A.

105. The Story of Tell – B.

106. The Story of Tell – C.

107. I. The King consults his wise Men.

108. II. A ludicrous End of their Speculations.

109. I. A wonderful old Man.

110. II. I can tell a stranger Story.

111. I. The wounded Enemies.

112. II. Heaping Coals of Fire.

The Battle of Marathon

113. I. Ionian Revolt. Burning of Sardis.

114. II. Anger of Darius.

115. III. Instigations of Hippias. Persian Threat.

116. IV. The King determines to enslave Eretria and Athens.

117. V. Eretria is crushed.

118. VI. The Persians land at Marathon.

119. VII. History of Miltiades.

120. VIII. The Athenians appeal to Sparta.

121. IX. Superstition of Sparta.

122. X. Gallant Conduct of Plataea.

123. XI. Divided Counsels. The Council of War will not fight.

124. XII. Miltiades appeals to the Polemarch.

125. XIII. He agrees to fight.

126. XIV. The Order of Battle.

127. XV. The Charge.

128. XVI. Victory of Wings. Defeat of Centre. Final Victory.

129. XVII. Fight at the Ships.

130. XVIII. The Persians sail around to Phalerum. Signal of the Shield.

131. XIX. The Spartans come too late, but see the Battlefield.

132. I. Entering Manhood, Hercules sees two Women at a Distance.

133. II. They approach. The latter, running ahead, speaks.

134. III. The other states her Case.

135. IV. Vice makes a last Appeal.

136. V. Virtue denunces Vice, and compares their Devotees.

137. Gordius receives a wonderful Omen from Zeus.

Story of Thermopylae. B.C. 480.

138. I. Xerxes’ approach. His Fleet shattered by Divine Interference.

139. II. Greek and Persian face each other.

140. III. Some are for a Retreat. Leonidas will not desert his Post.

141. IV. Xerxes’ Scout finds little to report.

142. V. Xerxes perplexed. Demaratus explains the Behavior of the Greeks.

143. VI. The Medes failed to force a Way.

144. VII. The Immortals, under Hydarnes, next make the Attempt,

145. VIII. and are foiled. Xerxes frightened.

146. IX. Ephialtes brings information of a secret path,

147. X. by which Hydarnes ascends by night.

148. XI. The Greeks awake to their Doom.

149. XII. Leonidas and Megistas the Prophet choose to die.

150 XIII. Nor will the Thespians go.

151. XIV. The final Onset.

152. XV. Who was bravest?

153. XVI. The Spartans are buried where they fell.

154. XVII. Their Epitaph.

155. I. Let no one mention lost Salamis.

156. II. By a clever Ruse, Solon gets the Law repealed.

157. III. Another Stratagem deceives the Megarians, and recovers the Island.

158. IV. Another Version of the Affair.

159. Menippus, landing in Hades, walks off. Charon demands the boat fee. They quarrel.

160. In Hades, Croesus denounces Menippus to Pluto.

161. The Cyclops, Polyphemus, tells his Father, Poseidon, how Ulysses put out his Eye.

162. In Hades, Menippus wants to see the ancient Beauties.

163. Zeus settles a Quarrel between Hercules and Aesculapius at a Banquet of the Gods.