Colloqvivm Aestivvm 2019

You are invited to join the (4th annual) summer reading class for 2019 with Dr. David C. Noe.

Course features:

  • participants will receive prodigal commendation and earnest scolding
  • course meets once/week for 1hr. for 10 weeks; cf. infra
  • class will meet Tuesday evenings circa 8pm DST via Zoom
  • participants will have the opportunity to practice their pronunciation and translation skills, to ask the instructor questions about the lexemes, grammar, syntax, semantics, and style of the passage, and even to speak Latin with the instructor if they wish
  • course participants will select by majority vote which authors we read together
  • cost for the course is $135
  • no advance preparation and no homework
  • no grades nor credit earned
  • if the first cohort enrolls quickly we may open a second

If you are interested in enrolling please send your name to along with a description of your preparation thus far in Latin. Although no homework is required for the class and preparation for each session is optional, if you do not have some Latin ability you will not find the course rewarding.

Class dates: May 28, June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30.

Once our cohort is set, you will receive a list of authors and works from which to choose so that – quantum poterit – the authors match the interests of the participants. Candidate authors include: Cicero, Tacitus, Augustine of Hippo, Erasmus, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, William Twisse, and John Owen. If you have NO interest in these authors, please do not apply as you won’t be happy.

Enrollment is at Dr. Noe’s discretion and is limited to 10 participants.