Thomas Aquinas (1225 – March 1274)


An alterpiece of Aquinas, Italian theologian and philosopher

Lesson Series

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1. Summa Theologica


2. De Ente et Essentia


Summa Theologica (The Heart of Theology)

This theological tour de force forever established Aquinas as a doctor of the church. Its scope and depth is difficult to summarize, as well as its profound influence.

Leomudde / CC BY-SA (
Confessions – Manuscript on vellum. Germany, first half 13th century. 

De Ente et Essentia (Being and Essence)

 In this less-known work, which predates the Summa Theologica, Aquinas investigates questions of substance and being, drawing from Aristotle as well as important figures in Muslim theology.

Leomudde / CC BY-SA (
The earliest known portrait of Saint Augustine in a 6th-century fresco, Lateran, Rome

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