Here you will find a number of resources for learning Greek via the natural method, based upon a famous story written in 1909 by W.H.D. Rouse of the Perse Grammar school in Cambridge.

Here is a link to a free PDF of the text so that you may download it and follow along while you listen to the audio which we have provided. You can also purchase a nice print edition edited by Anne Mahoney here. And here is a link to Rouse himself reading some Greek.

There is also a Greek to Greek vocabulary here: Rouse, A Greek Boy at Home, vocabulary. This defines the words without using a second language, the best method for acquiring Greek vocabulary without the interference of one’s native tongue.

Audio files

Section II, pp. 1-2

Section IIA, pp. 2-3

Section IIB, pp. 3-4

Section IIΓ, p. 4

Section III, pp. 4-5

Section IIIA, pp. 5-6

Section IIIB, p. 6

Section IIIΓ, p. 7

Section IIIΔ, pp. 7-8

Section IIIE, p. 9

Section IIIZ, pp. 9-10

Section IIIH, p. 10

Section IIIΘ, pp. 10-11

Section IV, pp. 11-12

Section IVA, pp. 12-13

Section IVB, p. 13

Section IVΓ, p. 14

Section IVΔ, pp. 14-15

Section IVΕ, p. 15

Section IVZ, pp. 15-16

Section IVH, p. 16

Section IVΘ, p. 17

Section IVI, pp. 18-19

Section IVΛ, pp. 20-21

Section IVM, p. 21

Section V, pp. 21-22

Section VA, p. 22

Section VI, p. 23

Section VIA, p. 23

Section VII, p. 24

Section VIIA, pp. 24-25

Section VIII, p. 25