…my specific vote of thanks is to you for a brilliant learning experience [in the summer reading group].  My perspective on learning Latin changed quite considerably with the close reading of the text and the emphasis on the understanding of how everything works, I am in a couple of Latin Reading Groups but this precision is not evident, a bit of hit and miss really and although texts get read I never feel I have developed a real understanding. All in all it was just fantastic and most satisfying. – Janet N., Melbourne, Australia

Latin Per Diem is a great and inspiring enterprise, from which I daily benefit. As a MA student in Theology, I especially appreciate the well-produced episodes from patristic authors, however the selections of the bonae litterae are also worth the time to explore and enjoy! – Christian V., MA Theol student, Aarhus, Denmark

LatinPerDiem is an invaluable resource for students like me, who want to continue their Latin education. This program provides me with a great, short lesson everyday and helps me continue to learn. I also enjoy the interesting linguistic and historical insights that the lessons provide to give context of the text. – Josh B., Grand Rapids, Michigan

LatinPerDiem is a resource by no means limited to aspiring Latin scholars. My daily fix is a pleasant and profitable review of high school Latin (nearly fifty years in my distant past) as well as a useful survey of some treasures of our classical and Christian past.  Perhaps my Latin is slowly returning to me, but I am making no progress in deciphering the instructor’s penmanship. – John M., Oviedo, Florida

I’ve found Latinperdiem incredibly helpful in my grasp of Latin. The focus on difficult and worthwhile texts, especially Calvin’s Institutes for me, makes me excited and motivated to one day be able to do the same. Until that day I’m grateful for the teachings of a good guide, and a goal to strive for. – Grant A, Canyon, TX

LatinPerDiem is a great resource for quick introductions to and explanations of a wide variety of Latin texts. From the “golden oldies” of Cicero and Caesar to authors who tend not to be covered in high school or undergraduate courses such as Theodore Beza and Lactantius, LatinPerDiem is a four-minute treat for anyone interested in the vast corpus of Latin literature.  – Michael K., Bloomfield Hills, MI

This daily dose of Latin is exceptionally helpful for me in my academic work. I only had a year of Latin in college, so I need all the help I can get. I especially appreciate the use of medieval and early modern Latin texts. I find it particularly helpful for getting a feel for the function of the “little words” that often create big headaches. – Dr. Raymond A. Blacketer, Cutlerville, MI

I have found Latin Per Diem to be  a great resource not only for keeping my Latin sharp and learning new vocabulary but also for developing a better understanding of the history of theology. Latin Per Diem provides Latin students of any level of proficiency with much to learn and enjoy. – Jonathan R. St. Louis, MO.

Like the old saying goes, ‘If you don’t use it you lose it.’ LPD is the right price (free), right pace (unhurried), the right length (under 5 minutes), and gives the right grammatical support (learned the language 30+ years ago). LPD makes a dead language live! Highly recommended. – Henry J., Mt. Ephraim, NJ

I enjoy learning daily; brevity makes it possible.  Syntax, vocabulary and context illumine these texts and give me a taste of the Western tradition in its origins.  The whole experience is lots of fun. – Howard G., Vienna, VA

David Noe has produced a wonderful resource in Latin Per Diem. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in engaging the past, including the Christian tradition in original sources and languages. – R. Scott Clark, DPhil.; Professor of Church History and Historical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

LatinPerDiem is a refreshing use of technology in the service of humanistic education. My favorite aspect of the video series is Professor Noe’s commitment to clear and meticulous analysis of Greek and Latin texts. His explanations are accessible to new readers, yet still instructive for those with more experience. Another exciting offering is the LatinPerDiem summer reading group, which provides students of Latin the benefit of experienced and adept supervision. In general, LatinPerDiem provides one an opportunity to become more acquainted with the Western canon (or, for students, to work through one’s reading list) simply by watching a short video every day. – Michael V., Philadelphia, PA

No matter what your level of Latin learning happens to be, whether beginner or intermediate or advanced, LatinPerDiem is an excellent resource to further your studies.  Dr. Noe takes you not only down the well-worn path of classical authors – Caesar, Cicero, Vergil – but also down the less-traveled path of medieval and Reformation era texts – Aquinas, Bellarmine, and Beza.  This is a welcome daily arrival into my inbox, and I cannot recommend it anymore highly. D.P.F., Wichita, KS

I want to thank you for your interesting daily presentations on Latin Per Diem. I have become a fan and have been able to bring several of my colleagues to your site. Although I read all texts aloud to myself, I really enjoy hearing another voice. Richard Evans, PhD; Dept of English, Tuskegee University