Tusculum Virginianum 2017 Comments

Here are some comments from students who attended Tusculum Virginianum 2017:

What aspects of the camp were most useful or valuable?

 “I think that making sure that we did not just speak Latin, but pronounced it correctly helped me a lot.”

“The fact that the instructors were constantly speaking in fluent Latin was most valuable to me because the full immersion into latin helped me learn better.”

“I found that, while I certainly increased my abilities to speak and understand Latin, my appreciation of the language was what grew the most and allows me to progress in my studies.

“Immersion…that we had to speak Latin and listen to instructions and teaching in Latin.”

What aspects of the camp were most fun or enjoyable?

“Just being able to hang out with other people my age who also were advanced Latin students was really nice because I was able to talk about Latin or just talk casually in Latin with people who understood what I was saying!! Also the evening games were fun!”

“I loved the latin games we had at the end of each day as well as the nature hikes we went on.”

“Getting to embrace Latin in a community rather than in a sometimes tiresome classroom.”

“I enjoyed playing games (like fishbowl), and also classes in which we had conversations in Latin.”

“The Latin games and getting to know people”

“The camaraderie that developed, the games we played, and the scintillating conversations we had were the most enjoyable aspects of the camp because it showed me that there are people outside of my tiny school community that love Latin enough to want to learn to speak it.”

“The instructor I had was amazing! He did everything in his power to make all campers feel welcome and confident in the learning environment!”

How was the food?

“The food was awesome! Everything was great, especially the tacos we had the last day Friday I think? Nothing can be improved it was great as is!!!”

“The food was delicious. It was so kind of Domina Noe to not only cook delicious meals, but to go out of her way to follow all dietary restrictions of campers.”

“The food was wonderful. I liked the simplicity, and, despite that, the variety between meals and days.”

“Everything about the food was amazing. Although I did not partake in every piece of every meal, it was very enjoyable to prepare the food and to eat some things I had not eaten in a long time. I was extremely happy with the food throughout the week…”

Other comments

“Everyone at the camp was really warm, and really learnt a lot that week and had a lot of fun as well. If you have another camp like this, please let me know as I will certainly want to come!”

“I LOVED this camp!”

“Honestly, I was somewhat nervous about attending the camp since I had never spoken Latin before. But, after the first day I knew I would sign up again next summer. The instructors made the learning fun. The size of the camp was perfect. I wouldn’t want it to be any larger. The small number of students gave us the chance to really get to know each other and bond. Everyone was included and there weren’t side groups.”

“I really felt that I learned a lot from the sessions we had, especially how to pronounce Latin correctly. I have been taking Latin for several years, but I did not feel like I understood how to pronounce the language or how to actually have a conversation in Latin. But after I left camp, I really felt like I had learned more that one week than I had for the six years I have been taking Latin. This camp really changed how I think about Latin – from an academic subject to a language I want to communicate in. I was amazed at all the patience you had, and thanks for helping me out every time I was struggling in the sessions or messed up in the evening games!”